Get the Right Hair Color That Suits your Skin Tone

Coloring the hair has become a trend nowadays and more and more men and women opt for changing the natural color of their hair. But one should be extremely careful when selecting a hair color as coloring the hair can completely transform one’s look and a wrong choice could prove to be disastrous.

The skin tone along with the color of the eyes plays a very important role in the way a color would look when used on one’s hair, which is why experts recommend that the hair color chosen should be in sync with one’s skin tone.

The first step in this regard is to determine the skin tone that you possess. This can be done by wearing a white shirt and observing oneself in a mirror under natural sunlight and check what color dominates your overall makeup. In case:
You have yellow or red undertone, this means you have a warm skin tone.
You have a pink or blue undertone this means you have a cool skin tone.
Given below are a few tips that will help in choosing the hair color that would suit your skin tone:
Warm Skin Tone with Yellow Undertones: People with this skin tone are mostly people with fair complexion who might have freckles or people with olive or dark skin. These people generally have brown hair in varying shades. The colors that suit such people are
Dark Golden Brown
Copper and cinnamon shades would be great for highlights in the hair. Golden shades should be avoided as they would enhance the yellow undertone and would spoil the whole look.
Warm Skin Tone with Red Undertones: People who have red undertones have a warm skin tone but sometimes cool skin tones could also have red undertones in case of some skin disorder. The shades that would look great on these people are:
Honey Brown
Golden Brown
People with this skin tone should avoid very dark shades as this would accentuate their red undertone. In case, they like the blond shade they could add blond highlights but should highlighting the hair around the face.
Cool Skin with Pink and Blue Undertone: These people generally have hair the shade of blue-black or dark brown. The best shades that would look good on these people are:
Ash Brown
For highlights they can use
Dark Skin with Cool Undertones: People who have a dark skin with cool undertones should use the following colors to color their hair or to get highlights:
These shades make the skin tone look smooth and even.
These tips would help you to choose the hair color that would suit your skin tone perfectly.

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