Hottest Fashion Trends in 2015


New Year means new resolutions and new trends in the world of fashion and beauty. The hottest trends this year are quite varied. Why not try one or a few and give a new twist to your life? Try this new trends with little help from our talented beautician at Aura Beauty Salon, Malad West, Mumbai ( .

Eyebrows that make a Statement
Power brows seem to be the most happening trend with celebrities and women in the house of power opting for that look. A bushy and arched eyebrow makes a powerful statement on or off the red carpet.

The Ponytail way to a Facelift
The simple and straight style gives an instant lift to your face. It is easy to do even on greasy hair. It is easy to maintain and takes a second to do. However ease up on the stretching to prevent hair loss and damage to the follicles.

Cat Eye Swoop
This look is so Indian and so dramatic. Heavy liner to outline the eye and leaving the face bare is the way to get this intense look during the day. At night bright red lips compliment the eyes and make your face glow.

Twiggy Lashes
If the doll look is your thing then let the 60s model Twiggy inspire you. A bare minimum foundation and a neutral lipstick will set you up to go dramatic with your eyes. Heavy lashes on top and bottom will accentuate the eyes and make one the cynosure of all eyes.
Nail art and an empty space
Also known as negative space nail art this entails painting one part of the nails and leaving the other side blank. Cute graphic designs accentuate the nails and the blank space just emphasises the look.

Try out different looks for yourself and see if it sticks. After all it is a New Year and time for a treat.


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