Winning Hairstyles that You Must Try


Hairstyles not only change your face, they also compliment your skin tone. A new style adds oomph to your image and brings a fresh look.
At Aura Beauty Salon, Malad West, Mumbai, our seasoned hairstylist can help suggest the right look for your hair type and face cut. Here are some latest trends in hairstyles you can try out:
Edgy Pixie Cut
Pixie cut has got an edgier and trendier makeover this season. The sides have gotten shaved and spikes have been added and loads of texture makes it stand out. It adds a feminine touch to the face while making the cheekbones, neck and the jaw line pop out.
Spray a little volumizing mist and blow dry the hair in different directions using fingers. A touch of hair wax and parting it on one side and flipping to the opposite side completes the look.

The Modern Farrah Fawcett look
Farrah Fawcett was known for her gorgeous curls and celebrities are going for an understated version of her iconic look.
The modern version is of shoulder length with (or without) bangs and the layers are more feathery and less rounded. This look is quite popular and goes very well with Indian hair as well. A volumizing mist at the roots and blow-drying it forward using fingers to style till dry will create the layers. Then a round brush is used to smooth the hair in different directions.

The Blunt Midi Cut for a Smart look
This is a no nonsense and smart look achieved by a straight cut across and little feathering at the ends. Create this look by applying straightening balm to the hair and part in the middle all the way to the top of the head. A paddle brush should be used to make it shiny and straight. A serum should be applied to the hair and blow-dried while combing with the paddle brush to get that shiny straight look.

It is better to try out different hairstyles at home before settling for one. However hair grows so no problem if it gets a little messy. One can always try again.


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